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We Care About Wounds

As Alban Health, we’re committed to offering the highest quality wound care products made with utmost dedication to superiority in manufacturing and medical industry standards. Since our foundation in 1963, we’ve been meeting the needs of the healthcare industry in more than 60 countries in total, as well as being the first manufacturer in Turkey for the production of many wound care products from casting tape to waterproof wound dressings. In addition, we proudly are the first Turkish origin wound care company to be FDA registered in the USA. We’re dedicated to innovative healthcare research and ever-evolving industry knowledge, continuously benefiting from up to date manufacturing technology.


With more than half a century of expertise under our belts, we adopted the vision of being a preferred and sought-after global brand, and a pioneering healthcare company for supplying high quality medical products.


Our wide range of wound care products are manufactured from highest quality materials and world-class manufacturing technology in Uşak, Turkey. Turkey’s weaving heritage and expertise is globally acclaimed, with the Inner Aegean region being world-renowned for it’s quality in cotton manufacturing, weaving industry and craftmanship products. 


So whether you are a medical professional or a caring parent, you can always be safe, knowing that you’re using the absolute best there is to woundcare.

Alban Health is a registered trademark of Agamed Health LLC.

Agamed Health LLC is an FDA registered initial exporter for

Ağaoğlu Health an FDA registered Turkish manufacturer of medical devices.

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